Set up a Live Event

Ensure that your live event is professional, engaging, and accessible to viewers, regardless of location.

Setting up a live streaming event with MK.IO is a seamless, straightforward process that allows you to reach your audience with minimal technical hassle so you can focus on delivering great content.

Live streaming enables single or multi-bitrate streams to be processed and streamed, allowing you to deliver live events and live services.

Live content can be recorded and stored as an asset on your connected Azure storage account

Configuring a Live Event

  1. Log in to MK.IO and select a subscription.

  2. From the left-hand side menu, navigate to Live Events.

  3. Click the Create live event button on the top right of the page.

  4. Give your live event a name (required) and write a brief event description (optional).

  5. Select the live event type in the list:

    • Live passthrough: up to 5 Mbps input. The passthrough bandwidth will be limited to 5 Mbps, all qualities included.
    • Live passthrough: up to 60 Mbps input (Advanced)
    • Live encoding: 720p output
    • Live encoding: 1080p output (Advanced)


    Low Latency streaming using MK.IO is coming soon.

  6. Select the Input protocol among the list:


    MK.IO only supports RTMP. SRT input will be available soon.

  7. Configure the Output settings:

    • Define an archive window length specified in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. It currently supports any value from 1 minute to 25 hours.
    • Select the storage account in which you want the live event to be stored from the drop-down of options saved in your subscription.
    • Define the key frame interval (for encoding only)
  8. Choose applicable advanced settings:

    • Restrict input access or preview access
    • Specify key frame intervals (passthrough only)
    • Configure applicable image transformations (encoding only)
  9. Select the Review button to view a list of your event's Essentials and Advanced parameters in the review window. When you are satisfied with the specs for your live event, select Submit.

Starting the live streaming

Once configuration of the live event is complete, you can start the live event using the Start button:

Live streaming is combination of a Live Event and Stream Live with optional Content protection and recording : once we have selected the Streaming Endpoint and created a Streaming Locators for your live asset, you can start playback of your content !