Live events and live outputs

Live Events

Live Events are for content that is streamed continuously to an RTMP endpoint. These support passthrough options as well as re-encoding to ABR.

For live content, a Live Event creates an ingress endpoint, an egress/preview endpoint, and an encoder, and that's it. The content doesn't go anywhere! Live Events are persistent - they provide a DNS name through which content can be accessed. The DNS name is persistent as long as the service is alive, though its configuration is removed when a stream is stopped.

In order for content to be presented in a playable rendition, a Live Output is required.

Live Outputs

Live outputs are a timeshift buffer that persists to Azure blob storage as the asset is being streamed. It defines the packaging parameters for a live event. A Live Event on its own will encode video, but will not write that video to a permanent location. This is what Live Outputs achieve.

Multiple outputs are possible per live event, say in a case where you wanted a 6-hour timeshift buffer for later review, and a 3-minute buffer for live playback.