Download streaming presets

June 2024

What’s changing

MK.IO now allows defining a streaming locator that supports download URL.

Who is impacted

MK.IO users — Download content for offline editing, or post processing

Playback clients — For clients compatible progressive download can be used to start playing as soon as a small amount of data is received

CMS — Thumbnails file can be made available for proposing a cover image for example

Why you would use this / Why it matters

In addition to the streaming URLs that MK.IO provides through streaming locators, some use cases require a way to download of audio/video files or additional files such as thumbnails or subtitles files.

This is now possible using one of MK.IO download policies. This can be a download only policy or a combined policy with clear streaming support.

Additional details

When using a download streaming preset, MK.IO will generate a set of download URLs for all files with known extensions from the targeted asset.

Getting started

Enabling download of content is as easy a creating a new streaming locator and assign either a Predefined_DownloadOnly or Predefined_DownloadAndClearStreaming streaming policy.

For more details on how to create a streaming locator and on the structure of the download URLs, please have a look at the streaming locator page.

Availability & rollout plan

Download presets are available in all MK.IO regions starting June 2024.


There is no charge for using a download preset in MK.IO but outbound traffic will incur charges that will be reflected in your MK.IO invoice.