Enable your assets for streaming

Set up your Streaming Endpoints

Once you have migrated all your assets, you are ready to create Streaming endpoints to enable them to be delivered your client applications.

Streaming Endpoints work exactly the same in MK.IO as they do in AMS. They are a dynamic just-in-time packager service and origin server that can format and deliver your live and file-based content to your client application. It’s a link between your assets and live streams and the URL that can be used to access your content. Streaming Endpoints can also enable content to be encrypted using industry standard DRMs. Support for DRM is already available in MK.IO.

Create a streaming endpoint following steps detailed in Streaming Endpoints.

Set up your Streaming Locator

Before creating a Streaming Locator for your file-based asset, you must have an asset saved in your account and have created and started a Streaming Endpoints.

To enable your videos and live streams to be accessed by external clients, you need to create a Streaming Locator, look at the steps detailed in Streaming Locators.

Playback your migrated assets

Now that the streaming endpoint and streaming locator are created, we are ready to test playback.

  1. Select your newly created Streaming endpoint.
  2. Select your newly created Streaming locator.
  3. Select the protocol you wish you playback.
  4. Click Apply. Notice the Playback URL is available and the video player starts playing your asset

On the MK.IO web interface, the assets plays back in the player and the streaming URLS are provided :they follow the sme format as AMS streaming URLS.

Copy one of the URL, go to MKPlayer on the left and paste the URL: the asset plays back in the player and a sample of HTML and Javascript code is provided to embed the player on your website.


Success! You now have your existing assets into MK.IO, created a streaming endpoint to deliver them and defined streaming locators to provide access to your video streams.

If you have any issues creating your streaming locators, please contact our MediaKind support center for more help and assistance.