Platform availability

Overview of base availability architecture and options to enhance

Service availability and uptime for MK.IO

We understand the pivotal role that our video streaming Software as a Service (SaaS) plays in your operations. We are committed to ensuring high levels of availability and uptime, delivering a consistent, reliable experience for all our users.

Service availability

Service availability is a measure of the time our service is operational and accessible by our users. We strive to maintain an industry-leading level of service availability, which is why we use the best in cloud-native techniques to build in fault tolerance, ensuring your content is available when you need it.

Control plane/API availability

The control plane, or API, serves as the foundation for our service, allowing users to manage their accounts, set up streams, and perform other administrative functions. We take extra measures to ensure the high availability of our control plane to prevent any disruption to your ability to manage and control your streaming services.

Video streaming availability

Video streaming availability refers to the uptime and accessibility of your video streams. It is critical to us that your content is always available to your viewers whenever they choose to access it.

Monitoring and reporting

We use sophisticated monitoring tools to continuously oversee the performance and availability of both our control plane/API and our video streaming service. If a disruption occurs, our dedicated incident response team is immediately alerted to investigate and resolve the issue as swiftly as possible.

In the spirit of transparency, we promptly communicate any ongoing reduction in service through our status page. We also provide a monthly uptime report accessible to all customers, ensuring you have full visibility into our performance.

Unplanned downtime

While we endeavour to maintain the highest levels of service availability and uptime, unforeseen issues can occur. In such instances, our top priority is to address and resolve the issues as swiftly and effectively as possible, minimizing any disruption to your services.

SLA document can be accessed via this link — Platform availability and SLA