Streaming Endpoints

Streaming endpoints are shared or dedicated dynamic (just-in-time) packaging and origin services.


A Streaming Endpoint represents a dynamic (just-in-time) packaging and origin service that can format and deliver your live and on-demand content directly to a client player app, using one of the common streaming media protocols (HLS or DASH). It’s a link between your assets and live streams and the URL that can be used to access your content.

The Streaming Endpoint also provides dynamic (just-in-time) encryption to industry-leading DRMs.

To start streaming videos, you need to start the Streaming Endpoint from which you want to stream the video.

Streaming endpoint type

We offer two options when setting up your Streaming Endpoints.

  • Shared: Access up to 600 Mbps as part of a shared infrastructure within your streaming region.
  • Dedicated: Choose the number of Streaming Units for the number of dedicated 200 Mbps units.
  • CDN: The best choice for production traffic. Using a CDN improves the user experience by caching the content and thus delivering it with a lower latency. CDN is backed by the dedicated streaming endpoint capacity.

This allows you to match your scale requirements with a suitable price point and level of guarantee.

You can add and scale your endpoints based on the throughput of traffic that needs to be delivered. If you need help in deciding the right type of streaming endpoint, or calculating the number of units required contact our support channels for help.