Asset Conversion Transforms

June 2024

What’s changing

MK.IO now supports an additional transform type called Asset conversion

Who is impacted

Former AMS users — convert your legacy assets

Early days MK.IO users — convert your Smooth Streaming VOD assets

Why you would use this / Why it matters

Asset conversion transforms will allow you to normalize your assets and use the latest MP4 format that MK.IO provides.

Once in the latest format, you can benefit from the latest feature addition such as thumbnails, side loading of subtitles or even AI based transcription and translation.

Additional details

Depending on the use case you need to address, you can generate one MP4 file with all audios or one MP4 file per stream.

For more details on the asset conversion preset, please look at the Asset conversion transforms page.

Getting started

Converting an asset to the latest MP4 format that MK.IO supports is easy if you follow the steps below:

  • Create an Asset conversion transform using one of the built-in copy preset
  • Run a job using the transform you created on the asset you want to convert

For more details on how to prepare a transform and run a job, please look at the Transform & Jobs page

Availability & rollout plan

This capability is available in all MK regions effective June 2024.


The asset conversion will incur an additional charge based. This charged is based on the amount of processing minutes needed to convert an asset and will be billed against the Foundation SD price defined in the Content Processing & Transcoding.