VOD processing

Re-encode, transform, or enhance your video assets

MK.IO’s Video-on-Demand (VOD) encoding allows users to process video files into various formats and bitrates to ensure optimal playback quality and compatibility across different devices and networks.


MK.IO’s video processing is based on Transforms and Jobs.

A Transform is a transformation process that will run on the input asset supplied by a job. There are two types of transforms:

  • Encoding transforms: single bitrate and multi-bitrate transforms that allow you to transcode your video into H.264 or H.265 output content. The output content can range from SD to 4K resolutions based on the preset selected.
  • Asset conversion transforms: enable asset format conversion from various type of live event of VOD assets to the latest MP4 format supported by MK.IO
  • Thumbnail generation transforms: generate a thumbnail, a set of thumbnails or a sprite file for your MP4 assets.

A Job applies a transform to an input asset and outputs to the specified output asset.