Transition overview to MK.IO

Discover how you can achieve a smooth and free transition to MK.IO.

Ready, Steady, Migrate

Welcome to the new era of streaming and content management with MK.IO, a cutting-edge platform powered by Mediakind.

We've made every effort to ensure the migration process to our platform is as effortless as possible. With our rich documentation, we aim to guide you through each step of the process and ensure a smooth transition.


Welcome to MediaKind. Let’s make video better, together.

Addressing compatibility with AMS, easing the transition

One of the most significant challenges when migrating to a new platform is adapting to a different API structure. Recognizing this, we’ve made a conscious decision to mirror the API structure of your original setup on our platform.

To support a frictionless transition we have replicated the functionality found in the Azure Media Services v3 API guide: with native support for AMS API v3, this means that you only need to change the API endpoints (URLs) in your code. The rest remains consistent, allowing your systems to interact with our platform exactly as they did with your previous service.

If you use AMSv2 APIs, a guide is available to support you in any major changes: Migrating from AMSv2 to AMSv3.

Seamless transition, uncompromised performance

With our primary goal being your effortless transition, we have developed an intuitive migration process from your current AMS setup to our advanced platform. We understand the importance of uninterrupted service and quality, and hence, have streamlined this migration to be as lightweight and seamless as possible.

Functionality found in the AMS API is replicated and the billing and fulfillment should feel familiar (although we've taken the opportunity to simplify).

Migration process for MK.IO services

As you look to migrate your existing AMS services to MK.IO, we can help you through this transition. The documentation details the steps needed to migrate services, so that you can get started moving your existing services today.

Use your Azure Media Services assets — If you have an existing library of encoded assets that you stream directly from AMS, you can easily reference them directly into MK.IO. This page shows how you can step through this process and use your existing assets directly into MK.IO.

Set up your Streaming Endpoints — Providing an origin service to deliver your content to your required end points (CDN etc), you can create the streaming locator services in MK.IO to reflect your current setup in AMS. This enables a simple transition when linking your assets to a URL to provision access to your content.

Set up your Streaming Locators — To enable access to your content, MK.IO supports the definition of streaming locators. These operate in exactly the same way as they do in AMS. This shows how you can create these as part of your asset creation process, to enable your content to be streamed directly from MK.IO.

Convert your Live Event passthrough — Live streaming is core to MK.IO, you deliver your encoded video streams directly to MK.IO as you do with AMS today, and package and deliver them as live streaming event to your audience.

Convert your current VOD transcode workflowsMK.IO support the dynamic transcoding of assets into ABR encoded streams that can be processed, hosted and streamed to your audience.

Migrate your DRM configurationContent protection — Protecting and securing all content processed is core to MK.IO. We enable you to encrypt your assets and live streams exactly as you can with AMS today. Providing keys for FairPlay, Widevine and Playready, along with support for AES-128, you are able to deliver content to all OTT devices with the maximum levels of content security.

How are we going to support you?

We know the value of your current workflow and our aim is to enhance it, not change it, while introducing higher-quality video applications. Whether you're new to video technology, or are looking to scale your mission-critical applications, we're committed to delivering superior quality, reliability, and enabling new revenue streams.

We will also be available to help you through this transition period. You'll find chat capability on our website, a community forum, a set of FAQs, as well as this documentation portal.

Future services coming soon!

We have lots of exciting services planned for MK.IO, so stay updated!

Take a look at our Feature release roadmap, sign up and register and we will keep you updated as the new features come online for you to test.