VOD Encoding


MK.IO’s Video-on-Demand (VOD) encoding allows users to process video files into various formats and bitrates to ensure optimal playback quality and compatibility across different devices and networks.


MK.IO’s video processing consists of Transforms and Jobs.

Transform: A transformation process that will run on the input asset supplied by a job. MK.IO supports single bitrate and multi-bitrate transforms that allow a user to transcode their video into H.264 or H.265 output content. The output content can range from SD to 4K resolutions based on the templated selected.


MK.IO only supports encoding transformations. Other types of transformations will launch soon.

Jobs: A job contains an input asset, output asset location, and reference to a template. The template instructs the job what transform to run to generate the desired output. Many jobs can use the same template.

Built-in presets

The following built-in presets are supported in MK.IO:

Built-in presetVideoAudio
AAC Good Quality Audio (Foundations)n/a192 kbps
H.264 Single Bitrate SD (Foundations)848x480 @ 30fps / 2200kbps128 kbps
H.264 Multiple Bitrate SD (Foundations)
H.264 Multiple Bitrate SD With CVQ (Advanced)
432x240 @ 30fps / 400kbps
640x360 @ 30fps / 650kbps
848x480 @ 30fps / 900kbps
848x480 @ 30fps / 1300kbps
848x480 @ 30fps / 1900kbps
128 kbps
H.264 Single Bitrate 720p (Foundations) 1280x720 @ 30fps / 4500kbps128 kbps
H.264 Multiple Bitrate 720p (Foundations)
H.264 Multiple Bitrate 720p With CVQ (Advanced)
320x180 @ 30fps / 400kbps
640x360 @ 30fps / 600kbps
640x360 @ 30fps / 1000kbps
960x540 @ 30fps / 1500kbps
960x540 @ 30fps / 2250kbps
1280x720 @ 30fps / 3400kbps
128 kbps
H.264 Single Bitrate 1080p (Foundations)1920x1080 @ 30fps / 6750kbps128 kbps
H.264 Multiple Bitrate 1080p (Foundations)
H.264 Multiple Bitrate 1080p With CVQ (Advanced)
320x180 @ 30fps / 400kbps
640x360 @ 30fps / 600kbps
640x360 @ 30fps / 1000kbps
960x540 @ 30fps / 1500kbps
960x540 @ 30fps / 2250kbps
1280x720 @ 30fps / 3400kbps
1920x1080 @ 30fps / 4700kbps
1920x1080 @ 30fps / 6000kbps
128 kbps
H.265 Single Bitrate 720p (Advanced)1280x720 @ 30fps / 1800kbps128 kbps
H.265 Single Bitrate 4K (Advanced)3840x2160 @ 30fps / 9500kbps128 kbps

Note: Audio streams are encoded in stereo with HE-AAC audio codec.

If a different encoding ladder is required, please contact our support channels for help

Supported file formats

Input container/file formats

File formats (file extensions)Supported
MP4 (.mp4, .m4a, .m4v)Yes
MPEG2-PS, MPEG2-TS (.ts, .ps, .mpg)Yes
Matroska MKV (.mkv)Yes
QuickTime (.mov)Yes
MXF (.mxf)Yes
FLV (with H.264 and AAC codecs) (.flv)Yes
3GP (.3gp, .3gpp)Yes
Matroska WebM (.webm)No
ISMV (.ismv, .isma)Yes
AVI (Uncompressed 8bit/10bit) (.avi)Yes

Input video codecs

File formats (file extensions)Supported
H264/AVC, including AVCIntraMain and High Profiles, 8-bit/10-bit
Up to 4:2:2
HEVC/H.265 Main Profile, 8-bit/10-bit
Up to 4:2:2
MPEG-2Man and High Profiles
Up to 4:2:2
DVCPro SD and HDYes
Digital video DV and HDVYes
JPEG 2000Yes
Apple ProRes 422, including LT and HQYes
Apple ProRes 4444, including XQYes
Sony XAVCYes
Sony XDCAM, including HD and EXYes
Dolby Vision 5 and 8.1Yes
V210 Video Picture EncodingYes

Input audio codecs

File formats (file extensions)Supported
AAC, including AAC-LC, AAC-HE, and AAC-HEv2; up to 5.1)Up to 5.1
MPEG Layer 2Yes
MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3)Passthrough only. Without cover image
AES (SMPTE 331M and 302M, AES3-2003)Yes
Dolby EPassthrough only
Dolby Digital (AC3)Yes
Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3)Yes, including Dolby Atmos in passthrough