I’m an existing MediaKind customer

What does the launch of MK.IO mean for me?

Our portfolio has tools and software for broadcast-grade / world leading distribution used by some of the largest providers of sports and live content in the world.


MK.IO does not replace our broadcast video software solutions, on-prem or in the cloud. MK.IO is complementary.

To our valued customers, MK.IO is the next evolutionary step in how we provide you access to our great solutions. It creates an avenue for you to experiment with new offerings, gain experience with cloud-native and SaaS solutions, and paves the way for transformative access to the latest in streaming technologies.

Exploration and experimentation

MK.IO opens a realm of possibilities in video streaming. Although your main operations might continue to rely on our broadcast-grade solutions, MK.IO enables you to initiate proof-of-concept tests, operate demos, or play around with new services. It's all about providing a flexible and cost-effective platform where your ideas can take shape.

Future-proof your operations

With the launch of MK.IO, we're building a bridge between today's enterprise-grade streaming needs and tomorrow's broadcast-grade workflows. Although MK.IO is currently targeted at AMS customers, our long-term vision includes the integration of our top-tier broadcast workflows, making MK.IO an even more powerful platform.

Continued excellence and innovation

Just like with our existing solutions, we're committed to offering top-notch quality, reliability, and scalability with MK.IO. This new platform is part of our ongoing mission to help you navigate the evolving media landscape, ensuring you're always at the forefront of video streaming technologies.

Towards the future

Over time, we see MK.IO as a central point to unify access to all our software and solutions, running both as SaaS or as cloud-native applications, allowing you to leverage your own accounts and infrastructure.

Keep up to date with our feature release roadmap and we'll be posting updates to our community forums and directly on our website.