Introduction to the MK.IO video SaaS platform API reference.

Greetings, developers! πŸš€ With Azure Media Services (AMS) API set for deprecation, uncertainty may loom. But fear not, the MK.IO video SaaS platform steps up as your reliable and effective alternative.

Our mission: To empower you to easily migrate from AMS, maintaining your workflows and content repositories seamlessly from day one. We are committed to helping you unlock greater value from your content through our API and workflows. MK.IO aims to be the central point for all your video workflows in the public cloud.

This API reference serves to guide you through our tailored version of the AMS API, promising a smooth migration and an enhanced user experience. The API categories included are:

  • Live Events πŸŽ₯: Manage your real-time streaming sessions with flexibility and control.
  • Live Outputs πŸ“¦: Customize and regulate your live events' output with ease, creating assets for replay.
  • Streaming Locators πŸ“: Precisely define and control how users can access and stream your content.
  • Streaming Endpoints 🎯: Take charge of your streams' distribution points and manage scale effectively.
  • Assets πŸ“‚: Organize and manage your media files for streaming.
  • Streaming Policies βš–οΈ: Establish accessibility rules to your content with our robust policy framework.
  • Storage Accounts πŸ—„οΈ: Oversee your data storage resources with comprehensive control.

This reference doesn't just outline these categories, but delves deeper. It offers code samples, allows you to generate API calls, and enables you to test different aspects of the platform, providing hands-on experience with MK.IO.

Welcome aboard, and let’s embark on this exciting journey to revolutionize video workflows in the public cloud! πŸš€

#makevideo better with MK.IO