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Update May 8th, 2024

✨ Features Added

  • Support OpenID Discovery for Content Key Policy with a token protection
  • It is now possible to use Multiple ContentKeyPolicyOptions with the same DRM type in Content Key Polic

Update March 28th, 2024

✨ Features Added

  • Encoding transform can now ingest ISMV and AVI containers.

Update March 18th, 2024

✨ New region deployed

  • We are opening one new region: Central US

Update February 29th, 2024

✨ Features Added

  • Persistent licenses are now supported for FairPlay, Widevine and PlayReady DRMs. This enables offline playback of content.
  • It is now possible to use an External PlayReady License Server when a custom streaming policy is defined.

Update February 9th, 2024

✨ Features Added

  • Constant Video Quality Presets are now available in the on-demand transforms.

Update January 5th, 2024

✨ Features Added

  • Asset deletion policies have been added to allow you to determine how MK.IO manages the underlying content upon the deletion of an asset.
  • Private offer support has been introduced to our Azure Marketplace offer to cater specifically to high-volume users and address complex use cases.

Update December 15th, 2023

✨ Features Added

  • We've added a Bulk Asset Ingest Tool to streamline your workflow. Now, easily migrate and manage multiple assets at once for a more efficient and time-saving experience in the system.

Update December 1st, 2023

✨ Features Added

  • Now introducing DASH & HLS playback with support for multiple players. Choose your preferred experience with AMS Player, Shaka Player, or MKPlayer, providing enhanced flexibility and compatibility for a seamless video playback journey.

Update November 17th, 2023

✨ Features Added

  • Support for the “First Quality” setting, allowing you to set the initial playback quality level directly in the manifest, offering a customized video experience right from the beginning.
  • Asset Filters now include name-based track filtering.

Update November 3rd, 2023

✨ Features Added

  • ClearKey encryption support for DASH-packed content is now added. This robust addition fortifies the security of your digital assets, ensuring that content packaged in DASH format is now seamlessly compatible with ClearKey encryption.
  • Enhanced end-to-end latency in live encoding, achieving a 25-second threshold; performance benchmarks required for marketing validation.
  • We have further enhanced our advanced storage security measures, incorporating the latest advancements in encryption, access controls, and threat mitigation.
  • We are opening two new availability regions: Japan West and Europe West.

Update October 20th, 2023

✨ Features Added

  • Expanded DRM support for client JWT entitlement management. This enhancement guarantees improved control, heightened security measures, and smoother access management for your content.

Update October 6th, 2023

✨ Features Added

  • Introducing Video Quality enhancements — A significant upgrade that boosts PSSI/VMAF scores to impressive levels without compromising output bitrate integrity. This underscores our commitment to delivering an unparalleled viewing experience, seamlessly integrating advanced video quality improvements while maintaining optimal data transmission efficiency.

Update September 22nd, 2023

✨ Features Added

  • MK.IO now supports Asset Filters that allow you to dynamically modify the output of your HLS and DASH manifests. You can filter tracks in the manifest based on Bitrate and FourCC, a video codec identifier. Soon, we'll extend support to enable filtering based on Name, Language, and Startup Bitrate.

🪲 Bugs Resolved

  • Resolved playback issues with DRM-protected content on the Live Events page.

Update September 6th, 2023

✨ Features Added

  • Content Key Policies enable you to control access to their content delivered via MK.IO. MK.IO now supports the following protection schemes: AES-128, ClearKey, and industry grade multi-DRM options like Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady. Access control can be managed by authorizing users based on claims in JWT tokens.

  • Video Encoding is now available and allows you to set up encoding jobs based on preconfigured Transforms. Supported encoding codecs include H.264 and H.265 with either single bitrate or multi-bitrate configurations. Future updates will include the option for custom transform creation.

  • Live Events functionality now includes support for live encoding, enabling you to transcode your live event into 720p or 1080p multi-bitrate HLS or DASH output. Users can select these options either through via the Create Live Event page or the /liveEvents API.

Update August 4th, 2023

✨ Features Added

  • MK.IO now accepts multi-bitrate RTMP input for our live passthrough events. Simply send us the multi-bitrate RTMP streams and MK.IO will expose each bitrate stream in your HLS and DASH output. The MK Player will then automatically select the bitrate that offers the best playback experience for your audience.

  • Live Streaming is now available. Transcode your RTMP input stream into multiple HLS and DASH output bitrates. Foundation level outputs up to 720p, while the Advanced level provides up to 1080p output.

🪲 Bugs Resolved

  • A bug that resulted in streaming endpoints not starting due to malformed labels has been resolved.